Edgar (the baby Crow) learns about Humans

The human place where the nice lady gave us peanuts

Here we are again at the place the Humans built close to the Osprey encounter.   Lizzie just can’t sit still and we all followed her back over there through the madrona forest.   She continues to beg in that high pitched whiny voice of hers.   Enough to drive her big brother, me, crazy.

Our parents were trying hard to find something for her to eat that would satisfy her into silence.  That was when the human lady came along and went into the human built place.   She clucked to us and my parents seemed to know her.  They didn’t shoo us away like they usually do when strange humans come close.   Next thing I know she tosses these odd shaped pellet things out towards us.  Uncle swooped down quickly to grab what he called a treat.   This treat had two nuts inside what he called a shell and Uncle chewed it up for us.   It tasted really good and at last Lizzie went quiet.

The human lady threw more of these treats out and Mom said it was kind of her to give us peanuts.   Yum I want more peanuts but when I snatched one I couldn’t figure out how to get inside.   I held it in between my toes and hammered at it.  All I did was poke my toes.  Ouch!  Lizzie was being a pest as usual crying for me to give her some.   No wonder I stabbed myself.  At last I got the outside to fall apart and got the goodness within.   Well, I got one of them, the other rolled away.   Uncle scrambled after it and laughed at me for being so clumsy.

Dad started cawing about then and the rest of the family joined in.  What he had seen was another human walking up the trail they use.  Not sure why they don’t fly up to the top instead of walking. Humans don’t have feathers like us and that must explain it.  Dad cawed that this person was mean to them.   He said be sure you remember which human is nice (like the lady) and which ones are mean.  The mean ones can hurt you he said.

Then he got on a branch and pooped on the man’s head.  That made him mad and he started throwing rocks at us.   The nice human shouted at him to stop.   She was actually sticking up for us and Uncle said that was rare.  She went over to talk to the man and we heard her say “Don’t be mean to them.  They attack you because you throw things at them.  Here feed them some bread and they will stop cawing at you” She then pulled a nice slice of bread out and gave it to him.  He looked at her and in wonder said “Really?”   He thinks we are just stupid birds but the lady set him straight.

Dad said we remember their faces so we know who is naughty or nice.  He even sent me a mental picture of the lady and said to put that away in my mind so I could tell she was the nice one.  Then he sent me the mean man’s face telepathically.   He said we shall see how he does but for now stay clear.

Humans are a mixed bag (not sure what that is but Uncle said it like that), so we need to be careful.   I sure want more of those peanuts.  I can hardly wait till we meet the nice lady again.

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