Museum of Flight – Plane Faces

The Museum of Flight in Seattle was just as good as King Tut and because it wasn’t as crowded a real pleasure to check out.   Keeping with the face theme from the Tut Display I zeroed in on airplane noses and cockpits….  “Plane Faces”.

Before I turn you loose on the pictures I have to tell you about the Concord and the older Air Force One that were on display.  Both of them were open for viewing just like you were going for a flight.

The Concord still has a modern look about her.   She is getting old but was so ahead of her time.   David & I watched her come into Boeing Field when she was delivered.   We were pretty excited to go see her again.

Air Force One was another story.  She was first commissioned by President Eisenhower, saw Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon.   When I think of the President’s airplane I think of deluxe and at one time this was the top of the line.    However, it was outfitted with formica wood paneling and rotary phones that had push buttons.  She had a regular electric stove top, Pullman type pulldown beds and grey fabric upholstery.   Gosh we sure have changed our tastes and technology.

Enjoy the slideshow through the years:

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