Baby Crows Galore

It is the season for baby crows and they are everywhere if you listen for them.   I am very fortunate to have a front row seat on a nest this year.   It has two babies and this week they are getting big enough to see them bob their heads up & down for food.   Check out the video attached to see what I mean.   It starts with mom just arriving and they go crazy with mouths open for a quick gobble.   Then you can watch how she preens and cleans the nest and babies.  Towards the end one pops up again and does a half-hearted beg.

Both parents have been active in tending to the little bobbleheads.  Mom (or I think it is Mom) sits on the nest and feeds them.  Dad (or the other parent) flies in and out with food and giving relief to the other one.

Baby Crow Bobbleheads ready for a meal.

It is pretty rare one of them is not guarding them.   I got a great picture of one of them doing that watching duty while I waited for a good photo opportunity of them feeding.

Mom above the nest watching over her little ones plus getting a break from their demanding ways.

The nest in our backyard is still quiet.  However, on my walk to the store today I heard at least 4 crying babies.  Never saw them but they were pretty darn active and demanding.   The parents seemed beside themselves keeping up with the duties of raising their young.   I fed them a little bread and peanuts which they snatched up quickly.

Keep a watch out for the little guys or rather an ear.   You can usually hear them before you see them.   Remember they don’t know what a car is and give them wide berth on the road.   If you see a dead crow on the street that is 99% of the time a youngster who didn’t jump out-of-the-way.

Happy Baby Crow Seeking!!


  1. Well I don’t have baby crows, ;-( but I do have baby mockingbirds!

    I looked at your video. My word, your crows are HUGE.

    I once saw crows in London, England. They are large as well. Would you believe that British crows sound different from American crows (at least in my experience)!? I laughed when I heard these Brit crows, and said, “You have an accent!”


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