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Sunday Post – Sunrise

Sunrise in December reflected in Agate Pass


Yes I try to be a combination of superheros.... Batgirl and Robin (Batman's sidekick) Add a love of crows, nature & history and this is what makes Batgurrl tick. Technology is important to me but I advocate rambling free of it. The small screen in the middle of nature is a distraction. Pretty tall order that I often fail at. But I smile through it, pick myself back up and get going again. May you do the same.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Post – Sunrise

    1. There is quite a story about the totem too. It used to be outside a mall up here. Carved in the 50s for it actually. Then they remodeled it about 7 yrs ago. It was given back to the Suquamish and they had it rehabed. It had gotten in pretty bad shape. Now it is a proud watcher of Agate Pass. Add a sunrise & there you go.

      1. It is a lovely story how it was rehab’d and put there to overlook the bay. The pole was carved by a famous carver too. And I was just looking for sunrise photos and this was more than special in my collection.

    1. Hi – nope not a lake.. It is Puget Sound which is basicaly an inland sea off the Pacific. Salt water and rather large. It has tides just like the ocean too.

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