Baby Crow Video and Two Nest Update

Deep in the madrona trees on the trail to the beach I heard a baby crow cry.   I took a chance and went back up towards the sound.  Didn’t really see anything but sat down on the stairs to look up in the tree canopy.   Pulled a little bread out because the pair that lives in this section have been coming to me for weeks.   Sure enough there they were in the branches above me.

I started checking out the bird that I thought was the baby but wasn’t really sure.  Took a couple of still photos and sat watching the dynamics.   Before I know it, that bird started doing the baby thing which is a combination cry and whole body shrug.   Enjoy the little video I took of him stretching, crying, learning to fly and bugging his parent.  The parent even flies away making the little guy do things on his own.   At this point that is a combination training technique and being just plain tired of the nagging child.

I would like to thank the lady who was coming up the trail with her dog.  She saw that I was filming and waited for me to finish.   I had heard her coming down below and just kept working the video for as long as I could.   I was able to get that ending where the baby went to the parent.   Thank You to all those kind people in the world that are considerate to others.

Baby Crow in Madrona Forest

Now for the two nests update that has both good and bad news.

Good news for the Renton family.  They have at least two babies born.   I saw their little mouths a couple of times.   Trying to get a good shot of that has proved near impossible.   I am attaching a couple of shots of the nest this week.  In the last one, which is fuzzy, you can see a pink blob.  Next look at the other pictures and note that isn’t part of the nest.   That is a baby mouth.   This coming week I am hoping I will get us some better pictures or video as they get bigger and extend up over the edge of the nest.

On the nest in our backyard I am sad to say there is no baby sounds or much of any crow activity.   It is becoming more and more apparent that the attack a couple of weeks ago ended that nest’s dreams.

It is a family affair tending the brood.
Mom coming in to feed the little ones. Note no pink items center nest rim and then look at the next photo for baby mouth.
Pink Baby Mouth on edge of nest below parent. Sorry for the fussy photo.

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