Space Needle vs Secret Crow Babies

No new baby crow sightings.   They are still in the secret stage.

The Renton Nest should be hatching soon if I have my math correct.   The parents have kept on the nest all week with them taking turns or one of them feeding the other.  Our backyard nest has been really quiet.   Could be a good sign that they are staying secretive due to the attack a week ago or it could be there was a tragedy on that Wednesday morning.  I’m waiting another week or two before ruling on this.

The other topic is the Space Needle.   Most of you don’t know that I am a Seattle Worlds Fair – Century 21 collector.   We went to the Seattle Center (the park that is on the original Fair Grounds) for Folklife Festival this Friday.   I got a few good photos of the 50-year-old Space Needle to share with you.   To give you a little perspective I am also including a vintage snapshot of it being built.   Last not least the Space Needle pens that are being resold now that the 50th anniversary is here.   The maker stored hundreds of them and a local drug store has them on the original sales cards.

Space Needle under construction seen through the Pacific Science Ctr arches

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