Tale of two Crow Nests

Mama Crow sitting on her Nest in South Renton

Fooled again!  The Renton Nest outside my office window does not have babies yet.  What I thought was a Crow Baby was the mother being pampered by her mate.

Never have had such a view into the world of bird nests that this tree affords me, I didn’t know that she was just excited.  Perhaps she was actually laying her eggs would explain the fluffing and crying sounds.   Her mate came back over & over to console her and give her tid bits.   This makes so much more sense than them having babies in a nest I never saw them actually sit on.

This last week and a half she stayed on the nest except in the afternoon when it got warmer.   Her partner would come relieve her or feed her.

The best part to watch was one day he came to her and groomed her gently.   They were so sweet.  Check out her picture sitting pretty.

The second nest is the one my two backyard love birds built-in a very dense cedar tree.   The tree is actually in a yard over from ours but we can see them coming and going.

We are worried about them since Wednesday morning when there was a scene made by them.  I woke up to the greater family of crows cawing and raising a big raucous.   Since they built their nest it has been very quiet in our back yard with only a few crows at a time dropping by.  They were honoring the lovebirds nest territory.

Something happened that morning.  I can’t tell for sure that they have lost their family or not.   Since they have been so sneaky these past weeks it could be they are just lying low.   However, it is just as likely that a hawk, gull or another crow got the little one(s).  Time will tell.  To add to the mystery David found a dead hawk down on 35th that had been pecked to death.   That is only a short flight as the crow flies from the nest.

On a good note, I did see a baby bird on the tide flat being mouth fed by his mother.   There are a few babies making it out of the nest so it is only a matter of time before I get a good picture of a blue-eyed baby.


    • It is a treasure for sure that they built it there in my view. Today he was so sweet to her and came and groomed her after it rained really hard. Crow love

      • that IS special. It says something, about you, that you are “permitted” to witness this interaction… 🙂

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