Baby Crows in Renton Nest – Big Surprise

I have been bamboozled!!  The crows had eggs all along in that skimpy nest.  Today we came in and there was a crying baby in the nest.  Not a little tiny one but one that is adult size.  That means last weeks “Death of a Crow” was very serious stuff.  They were protecting their just hatched babies who would have made a good snack for another bird.

A crow egg takes 18 days to hatch and then to get to this size another couple of days.   What a sneaky bunch of crows they were.   We kicked around the office that they had another nest & moved their baby but they just doesn’t add up.   Crows are not like big cats who take their kittens by the scruff of the neck and move them.   Just not going to happen.

Stay tuned as I get some pictures and watch from my window seat this baby crow drama unfold.


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