Sunday Post – Shelter

Shelter is Jakeprinter’s Sunday Post subject   / –  When I first saw this topic I thought, structures and houses.   But Shelter isn’t really that simple.

Philosophically Shelter is a deep subject; “Give me Shelter”, “Shelter before the Storm”, Shelter from persecution, Shelter for one’s heart.   This brings strong emotions and thoughts when put in this way.

However, I can’t really take a picture of a pretty heart with a roof over it.   That brought me to shelters that are built for the family and therefore the heart; your old fashion backyard treehouse.   I set out on my Crow walk capturing photos of these little shelters in my neighborhood.  Most I had seen many times before and a few I stumbled upon because I was being more observant.  Funny how that happens in life.  Something is right under your nose and it just takes paying attention to see it.

But first before we look at the cute to ramshackle treehouses I found, there is another way to look at shelter.  That would be the lack of or the loss of shelter.   Something I wasn’t expecting on my journey for pictures on this subject was to come across the known houses that had burned either down or were so damaged they are beyond occupancy.   We all need to be so grateful for what we have because in a heartbeat it can be destroyed and gone forever.

One of these houses burned to the ground because the fire hydrants in the area had no water pressure.  No one was home but it was a huge blaze that upset the whole neighborhood not only when it happened but for months after.  Since the city has refit several hydrants but there really isn’t much they can do if the water main is too small to begin with.   The second house is just sad.   It looks like they tried to fix it but in the end gave up.   Now it is in foreclosure.

Next, is a sweet moment.   Here is a house that has been torn down to its foundation (several years ago).  Next to it a man and his dog live in a Camper on blocks.   As I walked by the sweet pit bull saw me loitering to take a picture and came over with her toy.   I told her she was so nice to share with me but needed to go home to her daddy.  He would worry if she was in the street.   This proves home is what you make it not what you have.

Final photo is Mother Mary in her grotto.   This Mary has been in the front yard of this house for over 20 years.   It is a rental and yet she is still there year after year.  The yard might not be kept up but she is there watching in her little shelter of rocks.  On a busy street she sits protected.   A wonder how vandals never make a move to steal or deface her.  Truely a protected shelter in this little humble yard.

Shelter is complicated isn’t it?


    • and the guy came out when I was telling her to go home before her daddy got worried. He said she is such a sweety. Proves shelter doesn’t have to be fancy… just built with love. 🙂 love Jake’s ideas for posts

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