Crow Guards and Eagle on the tideflat

Let us start with the Eagle.   I was about to leave the beach today and looked back one last time before starting up the stairs.   In the distance on the tidal sands that were exposed by the low tide was a large bird.   I knew it was bigger than the rest because it dwarfed the surrounding crows and gulls.   I at first thought it might be a dog but when I put my binoculars on it I discovered the resident eagle had landed near the surf and was fluffing his wings up.

I then started racing back over the driftwood and got my Kodak camera on and zoomed out.  Once I got out on the tide flats I took a picture.   One never knows how long the opportunity will last so I took several pictures as I moved closer and closer.    Here is the series of pictures I took.  They are not the best due to the distance but you can get the idea of how it looked.

Crows, Gulls and the Eagle are tolerating each other. The eagle is actually ignoring the crow flying over his head.
Low Tide brings out strange bed partners when everyone wants to get down to the water's edge.
The Eagle is thinking "At last those dang crows have left me to have some quiet beach time!!"

Now back to the crows….  Today I walked over to the nest I saw being built next to the new house on MVD.   I wrote an article about them called “First Crow Nest of the Season”

I had gone by two weeks ago and seen no activity.   Not that that is a sure sign that they moved on but I was fairly disappointed to not see anything.   Crows are very sneaky once they are sitting on their eggs so one can never be 100% sure they aren’t there.

As I walked around the block I kept using my binoculars on the tree at different angles to see if I could spot a nest.  Still didn’t see anything and was starting to just walk to the beach.  That was when I saw the watcher/guard crow across the street.    Now I know that pair built a nest in this area.  Maybe not in that tree but they are there somewhere.   I will keep going back now to see if I can hear the baby once it is born.

The next guard crow was on the beach trail.  The whole time I was down on the beach you could hear the “mama mama” baby crow cry in the madrona trees.  Sure enough while I climbed the stairs I could see this crow making sure the eagle and no other predator decides to swoop up the little one.  I never spotted the nest even though I have a pretty good idea of what group of trees it is in.  That baby had a healthy set of lungs and hardly took a breath between his cawing for more food.   That is the way of them though.   Won’t be long before he fledges and follows his parents around demanding more and more food.  Lets see if I get lucky like last year to film some of these little rascals.

Guard Crow watching the beach while the baby crow cried and cried for his mommy.

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