Baby Crows Heard but not Seen

Surprise Surprise –  on my walk today I figured there would be furious nest-building.  Instead I heard two baby crows crying. Was just looking for sticks being hauled like 2 x 4s to be used in the development of nursery trees.    There is no mistaking a baby crow sound.  It has the quality of a crow caw but it sounds like mama mama.  Might be my imagination that it sounds like that but it sure has a non-adult bird sound.  If you hear it just follow that sound to the nest or to where they are hanging out.  Maybe you will be treated by seeing a blue eyed baby crow.   Remember, don’t touch them unless they are in mortal danger.   You will be in danger from the parents if you do decide to snatch that baby.  Plus raising one is no walk in the park.  Like any baby they require feeding and attention in frequent intervals, 2 to 4 hours apart.  Makes for a poor nights sleep.  So, think twice before you take them home.

One was in the alley between 42nd and 41st and 102nd and 100th SW.   He was in a big fir-tree with the parents coming and going like crazy to keep this little one fed and happy.  At one point I thought I saw the baby come out and land on a light pole.   I practically ran around the block to get to the street (I was in the alley).   All the while I was getting my Kodak zoom camera out, started & zoomed to the max.   When I got there I watched the crow move closer to a house cawing.   This wasn’t a baby however, there was a cat there in that driveway watching and waiting.   The parents were serving him notice he had better stay home and not come to their tree.   The best part was this crow was banded.   Not the one I have been seeing over by 39th & 109th. (here is the blog with picture of him ) I am 100% sure of that because I had just 15 min earlier fed that crow over on 108th and this would be out of his territory.  More important, the bands were not the same.  I don’t have a perfect count & color but they weren’t the blue green ones my other guy has.

About a year ago I posted an article about a banded crow over on 39th and 100th.   I think this might be the same crow.  Here is the link to that blog –  If it is, this shows a banded crow might be a little limpy like my 39th & 109ths one but they can breed or be an active member of a family.   I’ll see if I can get a better picture of him and confirm if it really is the same.  There might be three banded crows in the area because I did see one over in the alley between 41st & 40th in the fir trees next to the house that burned down last fall.  (another big story in the neighborhood)   By golly, I might not be able to tell the average crow apart but with gimpy or banded ones there is hope at identification.

The second baby was over on Roxbury and 42nd SW.   A little quieter and a lot less activity here.  However, I was able to get a picture of the nest.   Don’t get excited, no baby picture just a bunch of sticks in this photo.

David surprised me a week ago when he said there was a crying crow baby down at the corner of 35th and 110th.  I thought it was early but guess the crows have been very busy raising families.

Last but not least, we think in our neighbors backyard that is behind our house the pair of lovers I have posted before are building a nest.   In the last few days the larger flock is pretty scarce and we only see the pair every once in a while.  I am thinking they are done building and the sitting has started.  This quiet time is because they don’t want to be seen or discovered.  I will keep my eye on the tree and keep you all posted.   Maybe a baby in our own back yard.


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