An Eagle and two gimpy Crows

Eagle surveying the beach
Yellow Spring Tree Buds and an Eagle watching the beach

Spring was in the air and an eagle was perched in a tree at the beach sunning himself.  The yellow leaf buds make a good contrast to his black and white plumage.

Now for the two gimpy crows.   One is Ellie up on Marine View Drive.  Got a good photo shot of her balancing on one leg.   The second is the guy with a rock stuck to his claw.   I got a couple good closeups this time of his foot and this rock or piece of wood on it.   He seems kind of scrawny but at least he is still around making a living.  Hope it falls off one of these days soon.

Dancing on one foot on Marine View Drive
Gimpy crow Ellie with a beak full of bread
Check out this crows foot with the rock stuck on it. Been there at least a month.
Good view of the rock on toe.


    • You could be right or a piece of wood. Avian Pox can do odd things to their non-feathered areas as well. At least I am able to identify him that way. Otherwise they all look black. 😉

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