First Crow Nest of the Season

This weekend while doing my shopping on Saturday I kept seeing crows with sticks.   A sure sign of nest building.

Then today I hit the jackpot on my walk.   There was a crow with a beak full of sticks and grass.   He landed on the power pole and I got this photo of him/her.

Crow with mouth full of nest material checking to be sure no one sees him building

Then I watched as he flew into a pine tree next door to this great house on Marine View Drive.  This house was featured in the local newspaper back in 2008.  The owners bought a small older home and built this architectural wonder.  My new-found crow family has good taste in where to build their nursery this year.

Next I walked around the block and took a picture of the tree from the back of the house.  From MVD this tree looks really dense but from this view it looks a little sparse.   Time will tell if this becomes the final build.

Back yard view of Pine tree where nest is under construction.

Marine View Drive is a busy street with no sidewalks so I carefully walked back around to the front of the house and found a safe place to stand and observe.   Not only was it off the street but my spot was behind a bushy tree that gave me cover to hide from the crow builder.   Don’t like to scare them off by my snapping pictures.

First Nest of the year in the Pine tree next to a designer house.

They were flying around having fun with the rest of their family and being rather coy so the bigger group didn’t see them building.   While one of them was stuffing the nest, his mate was down on a wire overlooking the sound.   Check out the view they will have from their new home.  Not only have they picked one of the nicest houses in the hood but they have the best view too.

Not only is their nest in a tree next to a fabulous house but the view is outstanding for raising baby crows.

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