Crow Stalker Beach Update

Time for a beach update.   Had not been down there for two weeks and since my last visit saw a few things to report.

Partnering up is becoming more evident.   Here are several pictures of them in the trees at the beach in pairs.

Hill Madrona Pair on trail
Hill Madrona Pair on trail


Pair in tree at the beach
Pair in tree at the beach


Two pairs in one tree awaiting the bread
Double the fun - two pairs in a tree

I have to also report that our resident love birds have continued to hang out together.   They are like a pair of teenagers who can’t seem to stop touching each other.  Cute and too sweet all at the same time.

Crow love on our fence

Next update is on the Beach Toys that washed up several months ago.   The bunny over the weeks moved from where I put him in the driftwood to a place next to where we all enter the beach.   He sat there for a few weeks and then he was gone.   Not sure if he was adopted or if he washed back out into the sound at high tide.  My guess is he is in someone’s home because where he was at, it would take a very stormy high tide to pull him into the drink again.

The doll who has been lounging in the pile we have accumulated of beach trash met with a sorry end.   Either the crew who cleans up the beach was preparing things to be hauled out by breaking up things or some person was in a destructive mood.  Both her and the chair she was sitting in are now in pieces.  Another person has come along and put her sort of back together.   Check out how her head and legs are broken off.

Beach Doll met with an accident - ouch


Doll leg busted off - why unknown??

The last update is about my crow identification project.   I found a crow at the beach that there was no way of not recognizing him.   He had a rock or piece of wood stuck on his toe.   Hope he gets it off for his sake but for my project it would be good to see him again for research purposes.

Crow with rock or wood stuck on his toe.

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