Crow Dibs on that Tree

Crow Love is turning from courtship to finding the best nest site in the neighborhood.   They are still doing the silly preening and cooing to each other but now they are visiting all the best trees.   The evergreens are the favorites with the ones that have a bushy area in the mid and upper area top choices.

Seniority will play a part in who dibs which trees in a territory.  They can get bossy with each other when it comes to who gets the best ones.  Next as they settle in, you will see them flying around with building materials.   By following them you can find where the nest is being constructed.

Today I watched a pair do an acrobatic dance around a fir tree.   They had a third family member hanging out with them.  Probably a youngster from the prior season who will be a helper this year.

Here is a short video showing them play in the tree

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