King Crow (or so he thinks)

Mr King Crow telling everyone who is boss

Mr. King Crow showed up today at the beach bread feeding.   The flock was feasting on some waffles that got stuck in the waffle iron.   You know that messy thing that happens when you open the iron too soon and it rips apart.

So, I was feeding them these waffle parts and everyone was having a good time.   Along comes Mr I am in Charge Crow who I quickly named “King Crow”.   He flew in with a vengeance and chased a medium size crow who had a mouth full of bread.  He didn’t succeed in stealing any but the rest of the flock scattered leaving him a wide area of open rock beach between him and them.   That was when he stood there & did his big cawing display of power.  In the human world we call these types “Assholes”.

What was he really trying to do here?  I have a couple of theories; the obvious but probably not really the important one was he wanted the food for himself.   Rather it was a show of who will be in control of the beach flock during the mating and nesting season.   The reason I think this is because during the large winter roost period this type of display was observed rarely.   Going back to when the little ones were starting to get out of the nest there were two or three of these big Crows pushing everyone around.  Over the next couple of months I will keep a better watch on this than last year.   Then we can see if I was right about my theory.

For those that like to see more drama, here is a short video I took of Mr. King Crow.   Not my best piece but you can see a little more of him.

Amanda Knox Update –  no more sightings to be had in Southwest Seattle.   She moved to the International District close to downtown Seattle with her new boyfriend.   Real quiet now around her Dad’s and Grandmother’s houses when I walk by there on my crow adventures.

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