Banded Crow in Arbor Heights, Seattle

I like to be a good Crow Observer and report whenever I see banded birds.   Today on my rounds I was feeding a flock of crows hoping to see a gimpy one that belongs to this area.   I did not see the crippled crow but I did get some good pictures of a banded bird.  First time I had seen this guy.    The last one I saw in March of last year it took me several tries to get a photo.   Banded birds tend to be shy but this guy went in for the bread without hesitation.

Face to face with this crow my left he had blue on top of green.  The right was red, green and silver.   Here are two pictures for the bird trackers of Seattle.


    • I’m not sure who would band them but I have my suspicions. I heard that a professor from the U of W who studies them lives near by. If you page thru my site you will see I found another one.

      Banding birds is pretty common actually. There is a group in Flicker called Puget Sound Bird Bands. Most are crows.

      Are you hooked on crows now too? 🙂

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