Surf Scooter Synchronized Diving Act

Today on my rounds I got a great show from the waterfowl called Surf Scooters.   They can be confused with regular ducks but they are a species of their own.  The ones that frequent Puget Sound are all black with a yellow bill that looks more like a snout and less flat than a ducks.   They are a very sturdy bird that dive deep for shell-fish.

Surf Scooters hanging out

They winter in the Sound and migrate in the summer far north inland to lakes and tundra in Alaska and the Yukon.   My bird book “Birds of Seattle and Puget Sound” states;

Surf Scooters live up to their name by “scooting” across the water’s surface, occasionally crashing through incoming waves.

The video here shows their group diving activities.   I think they are like little corks popping back up.  Enjoy!

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