Brave Crow Boys showing off to the Girls

Crow Courtship is gaining speed.  This week I saw a couple of good examples of them trying to win over the other sex.

The most common is flying in tight formation.  They will fly acrobatic type patterns to impress each other.  It looks like a good game of chase me catch me on the wing instead of on foot.  Saturday a pair went swooping by me winding in and out of the urban landscape.  They were inches apart negotiating signs and buildings at high-speed.   What a great show they put on.

The other example I have is waiting for the stop light at Morgan Street on 35th Avenue.   There on the corner is the little lady crow sitting on a “No parking here” sign.   On the corner curb was her guy.   He was bouncing around like a little cocky crow.   His next move was pure show off.   He bounced out into the street to get some item I wasn’t  sure was really there.   That is why I figured he was trying to impress the girl watching from above.   Then the light for the oncoming traffic changed and he made his quick exit showing her how agile, brave and bully he was.   Of course, I am assuming it was the girl above and the boy below.   It could just as easily be the girl showing off to the boy!!

Your mission this week is to watch for bird partnering.   You know I encourage you to specifically look for Crows but any bird or animal partnership works.   Spring is coming and this makes us see how nature wants it to be here just as much as we do.

Here is a quick poll to track what pairs you see:


  1. Although it’s not quite parntering, I just saw a crow walking around in an old nest in Pioneer Square right outside Cafe Umbria. A friend and I are recording locations of all the old nests in the neighborhood to see which are reused or replaced.

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