Crow Courtship Begins

The days of the big flock party time is winding down.   Soon we will see them going off pair by pair establishing territories and nesting sites.  It will probably take a few months for then to settle in.  The weather will drive a lot of the timing and make for false starts.   See my blog article from last year called “Spring Mixed Signals end Crow Love” =

Last week in the trees surrounding the office I watched several pairs size up the area.   Last year a pair made several false starts building nests in our pine trees.  They eventually settled into a tree down the street next to the Blood Bank’s building.   Our trees are probably too close to the street and not dense enough for their needs.   However, they are back and maybe this will be the year we get to watch them raise a family right outside our windows.

Today in our backyard we got a good view of Crow Love.   A pair landed on our weather vane awaiting a handout and you can see them grooming each other in this picture.


Springs not even sprung but crow love has

Here is another photo showing them cuddling up and becoming a pair that I took last year.


Crow Kisses on the wire

One final thought for the day  –  It was today in 1845 that Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” was first published in the Evening Mirror.

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