Renton Crows Evening Fly In

Been a long week for us in Seattle.  We had snow and ice causing our office to be closed for a couple days.   Friday we all got there safely and found the roof was leaking.   The office next to me had the ceiling tiles fall down and pretty much make Craig’s furniture and files toast.   I got off easy with a ruined chair and keyboard.

When I left it was just getting dusk and the Renton Murder was flying into the trees and onto the roof top.  This time of year they gather by the thousands every night.  I like to describe it as one big Crow Party where they share food sites, romance each other and gossip about the days events.   The snow and ice storm must have made finding food more difficult.   The ones that frequent our back yard did a lot of begging.   This large group has to have some favorite food sights where the garbage picking is good to sustain them.

They are not unlike a crowd of humans going to a sports event.  They come streaming into the venue and get all settled in for the show.   The big difference is they do this not on their feet but by wing.   I often wonder how they keep from crashing into each other when flying in these big groups.   As humans we can’t seem to keep our cars from crashing.  They master this flying which is so much wilder requiring real navigation skills.   Enjoy this short video showing the Fly In.

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