Crow and Gull Big Feed

Tide was out today during my visit to the beach.  Not a seriously low one (only about -1) but low enough that there was some space between the waves and the driftwood that was kicked up recently.  Before we talk about the Big Feed, I want to alert everyone that next week is a King High Tide weekend.   The Washington State Dept of Ecology is collecting photos of this tide to help determine what low land flooding could look in the future.   In preparation of that  last weekend, I started taking photos of our beach’s normal high tide.  I did an article about the King Tide months ago.  It was more related to the low tide that followed it but here is the link if you wish to read up.

On to the Big Feed.   This week I was joined by about 40 crows and a small family of seagulls.   The gulls that frequent the area are the very common Glaucous-Winged Gulls.   The juveniles have a darker grey plumage and don’t get the full adult white and grey appearance for 4 years.    The attached video will show you how crazy it gets when I feed the group bread.   The Gulls are bullies to not only the Crows but to their own young.  At about the half way point I ran them off and you will also see how the adults are picking on the juvenile.   No respect within that family when it comes to a hand out.   However, I do not feel bad for the babies.  During the summer months you will see what a nuisance they become to their parents.  They cry and cry.  Enough to drive any mother crazy.

Update on some other birds:

The Pilated Woodpecker was on a power pole across from the gate to the beach trail.  I noticed or rather heard him drumming away.   He was marking his territory and I assume he is the same one I saw a few weeks ago.


Pilated Woodpecker on power pole.


Vision of Woody Woodpecker smiling?

The Crows at Costco remembered me.  When David & I got back into our car Saturday there they were staring right at me.  Where is the hand out they were saying.   I found an old granola bar in the glovebox and crumbled that up for them.  One of them was so brave he swooped down while I was standing only 5 feet away.  The Gulls were there too but the crows beat them out.

Lastly, this weekend I saw Robins flying in packs around the neighborhood.   Here is a picture of them in a fir tree.   I used to think they were a bird of summer up here but now that I pay attention I have noticed they are around all year.   Just a little less prevalent and my bird book says they are different birds than the summer ones. They do some odd seasonal migrations.


Flock of Robins all in a row on a fir tree

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