Street Art Eats Itself

The Crows are becoming more and more elusive except when my husband feeds them in the back yard.   I decided to go to a different park for my Sunday walk.  It is Schmitz Reserve Park which is on the East hill behind Alki Beach.  This is basically a ravine with a creek running through it.  It was donated to the city between 1908 and 1912 by Ferdinand Schmitz and is apx 53 acres of trails and old growth forest in the middle of the city.

On a previous visit to the park I stumbled upon some great Urban Art painted on the underside of the Admiral Way Bridge that crosses over the park ravine.   I confess I was trying to get off the trail into the brush to take a piddle and there was this cool kitty painted on the cement.  Once I got down under the bridge I found a flow of art that takes your breath away.

Today when I took a peek to see what the Urban Art looked like it was not recognizable.  Now it has eaten itself with ugly tags and someones practice space.   What a shame.   Then I went for my walk to see the big trees & they did not disappoint.  On the way back to the car I found more art that was a surprise as I rounded the bend.  An alligator log.   Hope you enjoy the pictures of the Street Art and the Big Trees.

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