Crows of Costco

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Crows are everywhere.  All you have to do is become aware of them and there they will be on the wire, in the yard and in the road.   Couple weeks ago the subject was territories and how they build them around good feeding areas.   As Mike on American Pickers says… “The Honey Hole”.    Imagine for a crow what Costco must be.   There are lots of people with food products and the always present dumpsters.   The little ones dropping their pretzels and pizza in the parking lot make for a true Crow Honey Hole.

Today when I went to our local Costco, which just happens to be Costco Store #1, sure enough there was a small family on light posts and on the building.  I watched one do a hover for 15 seconds trying to figure out if he could grab the dropped food product before a person scared him.   Crows do have amazing flying abilities but seeing that hover was remarkable.  As my luck goes I couldn’t get my camera out fast enough.

Next time you are out and about on your Christmas errands see how many crows you spot.  After a while you will find them again and again in the same place.   You will have then have identified one of your local Crow Families Territories.  Go for it and you will be hooked like me on watching these fascinating birds.

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