Crow Stalker goes American Pickers

Artist Hoarder Estate Sale

No Crow news today, instead I want to share with you the Estate Sale I went to that was right out of the TV shows Hoarders and American Pickers.   Combine a 60’s psychedelic artist and you have a one of a kind adventure.

The sale was in an area that is still part country roads and part new developement complete with strip malls and big box stores.   However, off the beaten path was this house that had no electricity and full of stuff.   It was a three bedroom rambler with rooms full of books and odd items ranging from artist paints to things collected to incorporate into his art.   When I say books I am not kidding.  I would say this 1200 sq foot house had well over 1000 books of all types.   Stakes and stakes everywhere and all viewed by crawling around things with a flashlight.

The best part though was the garage, it was still being excavated by other pickers and the sale employee told me they kept finding odd art items they had no clue were there.   This is when I started taking pictures.

Words don’t really explain this place so here is a series of pictures to give you an idea of how much stuff was in the house, garage and shed.   Stacked with art, books and stuff.


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