Crow Winter Territories

Crow watching Winter blow in

Crow families are a lot like us humans.  When old man winter blows into town they stay close to home.  They get together into their bigger family groups and hang out close to the best feeding spots in their territories.   That might be a beach area or a family that feeds them.   They might even have more than one honey hole feeding spot.   When they go in group to another place within their home range they will leave a guardian.   Then if another crow family invades or if food is doled out that guard crow can put out the call for all to come on home.

This last week I checked out my crow families in the area.   For those that like data here are the spots and counts I took.

Ocean View Beach –  sunny low tide day = apx 60 – windy rainy middle tide = apx 10

Marine View Drive & 114th – 6 members including my gimpy crow Ellie

Peanut House on 35th – apx 40 – it was high tide.  When it is low tide they usually only have one or two here.  Great example of  a Murder with two honey holes.

Our House – every morning our neighbor starts the day with peanuts to Mocha’s family.  Then my husband gives them bread.  apx 10 members in our home group.   Like the Peanut house they leave a guard crow when they travel away.

104th & 41st –  small family of 3

Roxhill Garden – apx 30 members.   This must be a great honey hole & that is why the numbers are so great.   They also range into Roxhill Park where there is lots of tender handouts.   Again, guards are posted around the key areas.  Easy to see them since it is more urban next to the school with light poles and buildings to hang out on.

30th & 104th  – small group of 3 hanging out next to the swampy drainage area that this street turns into.

31st & 106th –  another small family with 2 members

That is well over 100 crows in a couple of square miles that I have observed.  One has to figure there are at least twice that.   Or am I fooling myself since they all look-alike.   That’s right, we can’t tell them apart but they sure remember who we are.

Final Note on another subject –  The Amanda Knox paparazzi seem to have disappeared or made themselves very thin.  Makes one pretty happy that they are not bugging her family like crazy locust any more.

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