Beach reveals Toys after High Tide to Crow Stalker

Today’s walk was about an hour after high tide so the beach crow family was up on 35th SW by the Peanut House.   They started demanding their bread before I even got to the usual spot.   The crew numbered about the usual 35 or so.   They followed me around the hair pin corner up MVD towards the Beach trail crossing over the territory boundaries they had observed all summer.   None really followed me down the trail but I heard a  few down at the beach cawing.  I fed a few but they were distracted by a pair of Eagles and played tag with them.

The tide was up fairly high.  I had a small swatch of sand to walk down and it was pristine smooth with small pebbles.   Then I saw the bunny.  At first it looked so real I thought it was a dead rabbit on the beach.   When I got closer it became clear it was a stuffed bunny.  Some poor child is now mourning its loss.

Sad Bunny on the Beach

I felt so bad for the little plush bunny I found a nice driftwood log for him to sit up on.  There he can dry out and not be washed back out into the sound.   Maybe some other child will find him and love him in the future.

Toy Rabbit looking soggy and sad


Bunny in Driftwood drying out

It is odd to see something like this on the beach.  The usual trash is an assortment of bottles, floats, chairs, plastic bags and tires.  Never have I seen a toy like this.   After saving the bunny from floating away, I traveled down the beach to see what the Crows were doing.  They were still chasing the eagle but I figured I could throw some bread and see how many came.   Never got to do that because when I went to crawl under the big tree that blocks the beach I found another toy.   This big tree is called High Tide Fort and it has tons of driftwood hung up on it.  It also hangs out so far into the Sound that if the tide is up one has to climb over and thru the logs. While I was balancing myself on the driftwood I saw her stuck under them.   She is a big doll, probably 3 feet tall and stark naked.   Her hair and head were stuck face down in the wood pile.   Check out her poor tangled mess.


Girl Doll stuck in driftwood behind High Tide Fort

I managed to get her out of the driftwood and then pulled a blackberry vine out of her hair.  She was now covered in sand and required a bath in the surf.   Took her up to the junk pile we have for all the bottles and other debris we find on our beach.  There is a broken up green lawn chair that was perfect for her to sit in and view her kingdom from.  Being a modest woman I had to find something to cover her nakedness with.  Not even a good plastic bag in sight so it ended up being a big piece of brown kelp to make her look more presentable.

Girl Doll sitting up in the beach junk pile - will she get a new home?
Dang her hair is a mess!!

Lastly, I had to take a good picture of her poor mop.

That’s it for this Sunday.   Not much on the Crows but some strange beach debris.

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