Where do the Crows Go?

Last week at the beach the Murder was well over 60 strong.   Today I figured that being fall/winter time that they would all be there again.  I was so wrong.   The group was maybe 20 members today.   From how they behaved when I fed them, I would say they were the usual family that is at the beach year round.

That leads me to the topic of today’s blog, where do the crows go?   Why one day is there a huge flock and then another there is only the resident birds?

Another thing I have been watching is as I drive home the crows are flying in formation to the south and east.  Working in the Renton valley every year we witness thousands of crows in the evening on the buildings and in the trees around Springbrook Creek Wildlife Area.   Do the crows in my neighborhood go there too?  Or do they have another place they congregate?

Lastly, why do they roost in such big groups?   The bird researchers claim it is to share feeding sites and sleep together for protection.  Could that be all it is?  Or do they find mates?  Do they teach their youngsters Crow Lore?  Do they share stories and tips on best nesting sites?  Do we really know what these very smart birds are doing and thinking?

Many unanswered questions.   Some will never be answered.  This Crow Stalker might just have to go for a dusk time drive to follow them to solve the where do they go question.

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