Crow Stalker sights MORE Amanda Knox Paparazzi

They are still hanging out in our neighborhood watching, waiting & hoping for a sighting of Amanda.

I can spot them pretty easy now.   A car idling with someone sitting in it a block of so of Mom’s house.   Yesterday, I drove to the store  and on my way noticed the little car with the big guy.   Like last time, I give them the benefit of the doubt that they might belong to the house they are sitting in front of.  (a different street and house than last time)   I planned to use my same tactic and upon my return home see if he is still lurking.

So, I planned my trip home carefully.  I got my little camera out of my purse at the stop light and approached so I would be on the same street as the paparazzi.    The Crow Stalker has learned a little from the last time and a photo of the photographers would a good rebuttal to their behaviour.

Here I go… down the street and there is the car still there.   I pull up along side and roll down my passenger window.   This is a different guy and I ask innocently….”Whatcha ya doing?”.   His answer was pretty straight forward.   “I’m working for a Photo Agency.”.  He asked me if I live in the house he is in front of.   I said no and teased him about being another Professional Stalker.  Next, I said that I was writing in my blog about the Amanda Paparazzi.  Then I took his picture and said I was going to post it.   He remarkably said “That is Cool”.

This weeks Amanda Knox Paparazzi

Here you go everyone…  this is the face of International Paparazzi right here in our West Seattle Neighborhood.   How long will this go on?   Seems innocent but it is troubling indeed.     What are your thoughts fellow neighbors?


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