Crow Stalker and Amanda Knox Paparazzi

Today for my Sunday outing where I gather info for  the Crows of Arroyos Blog I decided to walk to the store and get a few things we needed.   Last week on the same route I was delighted to see the Crows at the Roxhill School Garden.  One of them had a crooked beak and that gave me a great article.   So, I figured I would swing by there again.

As I walked towards Westwood Village in Southwest Seattle, I travel down a street that I am 99% sure Amanda Knox’s mother lives on.   I found this out the day Amanda came home from being acquited in Italy because the news media had a helicopter floating over our neighborhood live streaming video plus hordes of reporters on the ground.  Pretty easy to figure out where they live watching News at 5 since I walk these streets regularly.

Today I fed the crows along the way with bread and watched for interesting activity.   Never in my wildest dreams figured the human race would be the interesting activity.   As I got about a half block from Grandma’s house I noticed a small white car parked on the side of the road idling.   And a person reclining in the driver’s seat.   Hmm…  maybe he is waiting for his girlfriend or a party happened here last night I thought.

Oh no…  as I got further down the block I turned around and there was a second guy now out of the other car talking to the reclining guy.  That was when it dawned on me they were waiting for an Amanda Knox sighting.

That gave me a spooky feeling of what that must be like to be stalked by Paparazzi.  The local media has all agreed to withdraw but the international press is still hot for photos of her.   One feels for the family and almost violated as well since this is our neighborhood too.

Anyway, I went to the store and got the shopping done.   Admired the new Nook at Barnes & Nobles on my journey, thinking it might be the way to go for Christmas.   The crows at Roxbury School Garden were there but no crooked beak again.   A Crow topic blow out.

Then on my way home I see the same two cars parked in the same spot.   As I walked by one of the guys was out talking to the other again.   I said “Whatcha up to?”  even though I had it pretty much figured out.   They proceeded to tell me they were making a living.   I teased them they were “Professional Stalkers” and they teased me back that I was a “Crow Stalker”.   While I was watching them they were watching me earlier.  Guess it is pretty boring sitting in a car waiting & waiting.

Next they said they had given the family their cards and were invited to a BBQ last night over there.   One of the guys started showing me his photos and said he had made over 200k on them.   OMG no wonder they sit in cold cars for hours but it was like they were justifying their being.   And did they really get invited into the house?  One has to wonder.

Still think it isn’t a very cool thing – no matter if you call it a fancy word like Paparazzi, it is still a form of Stalking.


  1. Can you imagine that those unbelievably dull pictures of two women obviously annoyed about being followed everywhere bring these creeps 200k? Why are they worth 200k? I’ll bet he’s exaggerating.

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