Crooked Beak Crow – Roxbury School

I came across a family of crows at the small garden the children of Roxbury School planted.  I was feeding them bread and got some great shots of them.  The group got to about 20 members as they congregated to feed and see what the excitement was all about.  Here is a photo of them all on the edge of the fence watching the party.

Waiting & watching at the school garden

Then I looked up at the roof of the school and I saw another Crooked Beak Crow.   It’s been months since I have seen my Beach Mr. Crooked Beak but there was another one with an extended top beak.   I was a person on a mission to take more photos of him to see if he is the same bird.  I got photos of him on the school and across the street on the wire.

After looking at the photos from the beach to the school, I really think they are different birds.  My Beach guy has a more deformed lower beak than the School guy.   Here are the photos of School Crooked Beak Crow:


Roxbury School Crooked Beak on the School


Roxbury Crooked Beak with his mouth open showing his longer top beak

Now here is the photo of Mr. Beach Crooked Beach –  see if you think it is a different bird?

Mr. Beach Crooked Beak from Spring 2011

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