Crow carried away in the Tide

Today’s trip to the beach found me wondering what I saw moving around in the water.   Sad to say it was a crow rowing with his wings trying to get to shore.

Never have I seen a crow in the water & this must be why.   Unlike shore birds they don’t have the webbed feet to give them propulsion and they need a solid piece of ground to take off into flight.  So, this little crow is doomed if the tide doesn’t carry it to land today.

Of course being the little crow lover I am I wish I was paying more attention at first cause I could have waded in & saved his sorry little butt.  But before I knew it he was way out there.  Only a boat would be able to save him now.   Being somewhat sane, I realized that I would only kill myself trying to save a crow.  Now that would be down right stupid.   And we all know there are not exactly an endangered species and this isn’t the last crow on earth.

That is why I walked away and said a little prayer that he would float to land.

Here are two very short videos of him and the gull.


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