Crow Daddy chasing young Hawk

Today walking back from Westwood Village through Roxhill Park I observed a couple of crows foraging in the fresh grass.   It was a crow family gathering plus a poor bum sleeping in the sun.   Here is a picture of the foraging crow less the homeless guy, he deserves his privacy.


Getting a snack in the fresh-cut grass

As I was watching the family forage I heard a commotion and saw two birds go talons at each other in mid-flight.  Then they flew up into a willow tree.   It was the Crow Daddy or Mommy chasing a small Hawk away from his/her family.  Everyone continued to dig around for bugs while up in the tree there was a show down going on.   The Crow was actually croaking at the Hawk.   I am sure you have heard a crow cawing non stop a threat but this guy was doing the crow chuckle sound.   I imagine he was laughing at the youngster for even trying to get a crow which is his size or larger.    The pictures I took didn’t turn out very well but here they are to see where they were playing their game at.


Young Hawk being laughed at by a crow - sorry I cut his head off in the picture


Which is it? Crow or Hawk? I'm betting on the Hawk

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