Last batch of Baby Crows

Summer is coming to its end and the crows are now extending their territories as the babies are getting bigger.   However, I am hearing a few younger ones still crying.   Most of the babies are now fending for themselves and have stopped that crow baby whining.   This last batch just gets drug along to the bigger family gathering and their parents act like they are tired of raising them.

On the way to the beach I walked by the Peanut House.   I figured since it was high tide I might see the family that hangs out there back again.   I was right.  As soon as the sentries saw me they started cawing and the rest came flying in for some bread.   I counted about 20 of them.  That is the most since early spring and the breeding season started.   All along MVD the usual families were present in greater numbers.  They have expanded their territories even more since my last observations and brought their extended families along.

Down at the beach it was the same thing.  A fair size flock of about 25 members hanging out and greeting me as I threw bread.   There was one funny baby bird in the group who chased its parents and hung out in the tree.   Hadn’t figured out how to feed itself and certainly was the youngest of the group.  Here he sits in the popular tree.


Baby Crow watching everyone eat bread - notice his skinny neck and body

The adults are looking a little frumpy and seem to be molting.  Here is a big guy with feathers all disarrayed and looking sort of brownish.


Shaggy Adult crow

One last thing of interest during today’s adventure to the beach was the Kingfisher who swooped around.   First he chirped in the high-pitched voice he has, then hovered over the water like he was going to catch a fish.  Next he flew down towards where I spotted the burrow holes they nest in.   When he came back he was skimming right over the top of the water with another Kingfisher in tow.   They flew on down the beach and didn’t come back while I was there.   Very entertaining aerobatics.   Here is a picture I took earlier in the year of him sitting in the popular tree I call the Crow Nursery Tree.


Kingfisher watching for a good fish

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