Goofy Baby Crows

The Baby Crows are full size but they don’t have the dignity of adults yet.   They beg continually for food with a whinny voice that must be getting on their parents final nerve.

Some of oddest behaviour I have seen in the last couple of weeks:

  • Two siblings left to their own devises decided theat blackberry leaves might taste good.  The youngest one (or at least the one that cried the most) started this little adventure by standing on the fence and pulling leaves off the vine.   His brother came to see what was happening and tried it too.   Needless to say they both spit out the leaves when they realized they weren’t the food they are accustom too.
  • Youngest Baby Crow of a three baby nest decided he would fly around and try landing on the side of an old stump.   He flapped his wings and kept trying to get his balance but never quite got a good grip and finally flew off to the fence.   We laughed pretty hard at him since he was trying to mimic a Squirrel or a Flicker.
  • At the beach a Baby followed his parent around begging for food.  Then he got distracted by the salt water surf and tried bathing in it or something like that.
Baby Crow trying to bathe in Puget Sound
  • Last item was a small mob of babies chasing their parents for bread.   Here they are on a roof top milling around and bugging each other.

Mom – we think you should come feed us NOW!!

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