6 Baby Crows Crying

The weather has warmed and the baby crows are growing up.   Today I heard and saw 6 of them in just an hour walk.   The best was our local family’s pair.

I could hear the crying and found the little one out on a limb in the nest tree.  The parents were flying around and went into the nest.  Then I heard & saw some fluffing around from baby two.   #1 continued to do the quiet cry that made his whole body puff up and wings fly up slightly.   So cute.   Then he flew to another tree.   Mom or Dad kept feeding #2.   Then in a brave baby moment he flew off across the neighborhood with parents in close tow.   Stressful time for those parents.  One in the oven still and the other out and about acting silly.

As I walked towards the beach I could hear another one in a tree off of 35th Avenue.   Didn’t take long for his parents to sight me and start chasing me away.   One of them flew down towards me & the cawing was non-stop.   Feed them some bread but they weren’t happy till I was a half block away.

Behind the Apartment house on 35th I could hear #4 baby.   No activity except one parent hanging out.  Not sure exact location but he was there up in the trees somewhere.

At the beach trail I could hear one of the babies crying (might even have been two).   This was farther South than the first nest I watched weeks earlier.   Not sure what happened there but now we have another baby in the Madrona forest.

Finally #6 was crying in the tree on MVD that I thought would have a nest in it.   Early in the season I saw a pair staking out the backyard where I never saw crows before.  It is in an area that was right on the territory lines of two families in the late winter.   Saw parent fly up into tree and feed the crying child.

For those that want to see what Baby Crows look like here is another picture of Ellie in 2006 when we were raising her in our back yard.

Baby Ellie Crying for Worms

One of my favorite pictures of her.  She is out of the bin we made a nest for her.  She is showing off her long legs and big beak.   Her feathers are still covered in a waxy substance and her wings are not very developed.

I’m like a puppy all legs & beak

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