Crow Babies at last!

The silence and hiding were driving me crazy.  I knew there was a baby or two out there but their parents were being so coy.

Today I heard the baby crow mama cry sound in the madronas & fir trees down at the end of the Arroyos Drive.   So, I hung out a while since no one from the houses there was giving me the eyeball & wondering if I was casing their property out.   I was delighted to see the baby wasn’t in the nest still.   He was flitting around the trees like a little kid at Christmas.  Fluffing his feathers, crying, trying to balance on a branch and in general getting acquainted with the world.   His mother was following him around and at one point gave him some food mouth to mouth.   This always brings a gurgling gulping baby crow sound.  If you have heard it then you know what I mean about how silly it sounds.

I tried to get us a short video of them but before I could get the focus & zoom set he flew off again.  Check out the Nesting My Map site for the location.

As I was walking on the beach the lady I was talking with pointed out how the bank which was sand had a bird nest dug into it.  That it looked like an old man face.  She was so right about that & here is a picture of the old man looking over the beach.

Old Man in Sand Bank - the hole is a Kingfisher's nest.

I get asked a lot “what does a baby crow look like?”  Usually by the time you can see one like the little one I described above, they look just like a regular crow in size and color.  It’s their behaviour that tells them apart from the adults.  But cause we raised a crow in 2006 I do have a picture or two to share of a very young crow.   Note her pink mouth and the waxy substance on her new feathers.  The other thing to look for is blue eyes which this picture really doesn’t show very well.

Baby Crow Ellie right after saved from cat

Back to today, the next baby I heard was close to my house and he was still in the nest in a pine tree.  His baby crow cry was getting a little horse & raspy.   Guess mom & dad had not been bringing enough stuff fast enough for his belly.   Like the first one, I did see a parent show up with food & heard the baby crow gurgle sound again.

Reminder to all –  if you see a crow in the road that is oblivious to everything, that is a baby.  Please shoo them out of the street.  A large number of them are killed or injured by cars every year.

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