Bully Crow vs the Yearlings

No babies yet to be found but a few bullies came forward during my weekly crow walk. I went to the beach at high tide and fed them bread.   Usually they get along and everyone gets a bite.   This time a big male came dive bombing in and pushed the little yearlings out-of-the-way. 

Yearlings waiting for the Bully to fly away

 Here is his piggy picture:

Bully with a full mouth

Then I walked down to what I call the Nursery Tree at the end of the beach.  Last year this is where they brought all the babies to teach them to forage in the seaweed and tide flats.  Kind of hopeful there would be a baby there but only the yearlings and a few bully males.

Nursery Tree with Yearlings
 Here are a few updates on the nests I identified earlier:

  • Nest at work in Pine tree – saw no activity for weeks till this week I saw both parents flying in and out.  What’s up?   Do they have a baby or did they come back to make a family now that the weather is warmer?
  • Madrona Tree on beach trail –  still no sign of the baby that I can be sure it was the one.  Haven’t heard a cry out of it for weeks.  Did someone raid the nest or was the sort of clumsy crow in the tree line the baby with its moma chasing after it? 
  • Tree behind the Apartments on 35th – I saw watchers and activity but again no baby sound or nest diving activity. 

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