Secret Time for Crows

Have you noticed that the crows seem to have disappeared?   They used to be everywhere, in big flocks or in family groups.  Now they are far and few between.  What could it be?

It’s Baby Crow time – that is what’s happening.  As the babies are born the families become very secretive so their enemies don’t figure out where their nests are.   Even the watchers and helpers are less obvious. They don’t hang out at the top of trees but rather in the branches where they are can’t be seen.

I did see a few babies this weekend.  Their cries for food make them pretty easy to spot.   One was over by my Mom’s house.  He was pretty young and had not fear of me till his parent told him to fly away.

Nest updates –   the one in the Madronnas was quiet except the family dancing around in the trees close by.   I thought I saw movement with my binoculars but it could have been a leaf.   Also, spotted two new potential nest trees on my way home.   I have added them into the Spring Nest Map.

Nothing too exciting this week but keep your eyes open for the little ones to start showing up.   If you see them in the road chase them away.  They have no sense of what a car is and a lot die every year that way.


  1. I love Crows , they are so smart and have such strong family ties. About a month ago when I was driving through Kenmore Wa. there were hundreds of them in two different spots. One close to the Kenmore golf course and another one in a field closer to downtown Bothell. It was so loud with all the Crow chatter and amazing at the same time.

    • So glad you enjoyed the blog. They are so special and facinating to watch. Down in Renton at our office they come in droves in the winter. some folks think it is the movie the Birds but I love seeing them swoop, play, inteact and have a good party time.


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