First Baby Crow of the Season

And the nest winner is up in the Madronas.  

Walking down the beach trail I could hear the baby crow cry loudly for more food.  His parents saw me & started cawing away.   So, I hung out for a while till they settled down.   Sure enough one of them came into the tree I had identified a few weeks ago.   Actully took the long route so no one (Eagles & Gulls) saw them.   Then jumped and crawled through the branchs to the nest.   Here is a picture of the nest.  Unfortenately you can’t see the little one yet.  Give it a couple weeks and it will be so big it will be easy to see then.

I can hear the baby in this nest but cant see him/her
Down the beach I saw two bald eagles perched in the Madronas.  Are they looking for a nest sight or a snack?   They do give the Crow Families heart failure as they are raising babies close by. 
Eagles thinking... "hmmm is this a nice place to raise a family?"
And then as I walked back towards the trail and where the baby crow is squawking, a batch of crows chase one of the eagles over head but away from the nest.   The whole flock is watching out for the new baby.   Guard Duty was happening on several trees around.  

Guard positon Number One
 They do watch out for their own.  

Guard position Number Two


  1. Congratulations! I’m eagerly watching my crow’s nest on 1st Ave S between Jackson and Main (at least, I think of it as mine). There are three adults tending it and I’ve seen one sitting in it regularly during the past two weeks. I’m worried the leaves (it’s planetree) will come before I get to see the babies. I know of at least three other families in the neighborhood; one is in an oak that leafs out later, so I should be able to see them.

    • So glad you are still watching your flock. Even if you don’t see them in the nest you can tell they are babies by thier blue eyes and how silly they act. Add to that they follow their parents around with an open mouth. Batgurrl

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