Ballerina One Legged Crow

Gimpy Crows can make it.  Here are some pictures of the one I call Ellie.   She is doing a one-legged ballerina stance up on the street to get some bread.  

Ellie balancing on one leg

You can see in the next photo that her withered leg is used for balance or just pulled up out-of-the-way.   She kind of squats down low when the rest of her family came to feed too.

A gimpy leg doesn't stop this Crow from getting bread

Then at the beach there she was again.   I is a proven fact that Crows can recognize us but we have a hell of a time telling them apart.  That is why I focus on gimpy crows, crooked beaks and white feathers.   This gives me more information on how wide they travel.  Ellie obviously lives up on the street by the trail head  but also frequents the beach area.   As I have noted in previous blogs they do have territories up on the road but when they get to the beach they tolerate each other.   However there is a slight division of the north and south groups.   They do mingle a little but stay in their respective areas for comfort.

Gimpy Crow - note her shriveled leg used for balance

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