Crooked Beak Crow

Crooked Beak overbite

Today at the beach I had quite a crowd.  35 or so individual crows followed me around and in that group was Mr Crooked Beak again.   He isn’t very afraid of me and he got close enough that I got a better picture of him.   He does have a serious overbite and snaggle tooth end to it.  No wonder the others respect him and stay out of his way. 

At the trail head I saw my gimpy crow Ellie and her mate in the usual area.   Then when I was feeding on the beach there she was again.   That confirms that they live up on the road but come to the beach for low tides and more flock activities.

Crooked Beak posing for me

I also saw a Bald Eagle scoping out the area.  It is nesting time and all the birds are playing chase me catch me plus looking for nesting spaces.

Eagle scoping out the neighborhood

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