Spring Mixed Signals end Crow Love

In the human world we talk about the mixed signals between men and women.   Well up here in the Northwest last weekend old man winter seemed to be letting the sweet young spring come in.   The crows were pairing up along with the rest of the birds and animals.   Love was in the air finding the perfect mate and new house or nest.  

Alas, winter sent a blast of cold air that pushed all that hope and love out the door.   Today, on my rounds the big groups were back together begging for bread.  Very different from last week when all I found were pairs carving up the landscape to get the best nursery sites.

This picture of two squirrels tells it all.   He was chasing her and she said no way… it is still winter.   So, she climbed the little tree to make her point.   Yes, mixed signals at work.

I said not now mister - it is too cold!!

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