Gimpy Crows – update

Quick update on a couple of gimpy crows.

Saw the one we call Ellie today & the picture below is her in the tree.   She uses the big branch to rest her breast on to take the weight off her one good foot.   With my binoculars I could see how her bad foot was sitting up front out-of-the-way.  They do learn to adapt life with a handicap.

handicapped Crow Roost

The second one I checked on was the bird at 110th and Marine View Drive with the bloody leg last week.   He/She came for bread today and I got a good look thru my binoculars at the leg.   Looks much better but the feathers up on the thigh were still pretty thin.  Probably make a complete recover from this injury and will have full movement.  Unlike many other crows who get attacked and lose part or all of their limbs use.

Tough being Crows in the big bad world.

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