Crow Pied Piper

Today headed to the beach and approached it from the opposite direction.   All along the way I was greeted by cawing and begging for bread.  (in the end I ran out). 

At what I call the Peanut House on MVD where there is a large group that hang out as soon as the bread hit the street they came in force.   They lined the overhead wires and I got the biggest count ever there.   35 individuals over my prior count of around 25.   Noticed them sitting in the tree in pairs more than usual too.   This must be the beginning of the mating season and they are getting cozy for the next building phase.   Here are a few pics of them on the wires:

Crows on the wire facing North
And the wire on the West side of the Street


As I went around the hair pin turn to MVD several followed me on up the street to the trail head.  There I found a few more that own the territory there.   There was a ruckus between them when I put bread out.   Then I headed down the trail and I was followed for the first time.   They have never followed me to the beach and they went from tree to tree as I went down the trail.   At the beach they followed me with cawing and antics among them for more bread.   Down the beach I captured them eating it up.
Beach bread time for 11 crows
Saw Crooked Beak again.  I think this is his flock down here.   Got a better look at it and I think it is just the top part of his Bill is longer than the lower.   If he was human it would be called an overbite.  It has that snaggle tooth end that he uses to his advantage. Tried to get a better photo but he flew too far away as I got my things focused.  Got to be fast.
At the top of  trail and back on MVD I was followed some more.   And there was the Gimpy Crow I call Ellie.  I had a few crumbs left over & gave them to her.  
Ellie - gimpy crow getting last of bread crumbs
 Then they followed me all the way to the end of their territories.   At 110th Mocha’s clan took over the begging since they noticed I had made my full circle walk.
That is why I was the Crow Pied Piper today.  

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