Gimpy Crows

Today I ran into two gimpy crows.  Yes cripples with one leg out of commission.   It is pretty common for them to hurt themselves and then carry on with normal life.

First I got a really good look at the guy or gal up on 39th that I have seen many times.   When I fed the family bread he came down too.   He actually had gained more control of it since the last time I saw it.   He used the lame foot to balance and put weight on it.  This is unlike my Beach Crow I call Ellie that only uses her limb to balance and hops around on one foot.

Second when I almost was home I saw a lone crow on the road shoulder.  Of course I had to put some bread out & then he was joined by another disabled crow.   This one had very limited use of her limb.   She (he) perched with one leg on the wire and did everything one-legged.   Here are a few pics of her.

Bread is good for a gimpy crow
gimpy crow in flight - see the hanging foot?


  1. There’s a gimpy crow I’ve seen a few times in Pioneer Square; his (her?) right foot curls under when walking. I’ve been feeding peanuts to crows for the last couple months but he’s the only one I can really distinguish. I would have guessed it was developmental, but your post suggests that one of yours, at least, suffered a recent injury.

    • HI Jack – I know of three in my area with gimpy legs. My hubby & I think it is from them fighting with each other, crossing territories or even as babies getting the way of cars. It is really hard to tell my crows apart and by looking for white feathers, odd beaks and gimpy legs I can often tell who they are or how far they travel. If you read down into my blog I often refer to the Crow we raised who ended up with a gimpy leg too. That would be Ellie.

      Anyway, love comments on my blog. I find by blogging about my observations it helps me keep track of them like a science paper.


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