Neighboring Crow Family – Seola Group

Seola Beach Drive is a winding road that follows a small creek.  It is like you are not in the City of Seattle.  Well actually one side is Seattle and the other is King County.   It is tree-lined and goes down to the beach where a water storm drain area is at the road end.    The neighbors have put up video cameras and say stay away, private beach, do not enter at the road end.  There is a chain link fence that stops access to the beach.   I have tried climbing it years ago to get up from the beach but it is a nasty thing.   But lets talk about the crow family now.

When I came down the street they had watchers on two house roof tops.   Not a soul was at the road end & the tide was pretty much up except a small gravel bar.  Ducks and Scooters were floating out there and quite happy.  I walked back intending to go up the trail to the Seola park at the hairpin corner and there were a couple in the madrona trees up on the bank.  Next to them was another with what I think is a french fry.  Yes out in the boonies they had a french fry.  The closest Fast Food is a couple miles away.  Got to laugh huh?  He is kind of hard to see in the photo but look at the bottom left corner & you can see the crow with the food in his beak.  Or is it a noodle?  You look & see what you think?

Pair plus the French Fry holder


Now a little side track – the trail I take goes up to a Madrona Tree forest.  They are a tree with reddish-brown bark and kind of leathery leaf.  They have berries that attract birds during the fall.   They only grow near salt water and do not like pollution or cultivated yard environments.   I find they have a very Vincent Van Gogh look to them, so I tried to photograph them today.  Here is a couple of my attempts.

Madrona Forest Above Seola Beach
and here is a Madrona snag against the blue sky –  their smoothness is so cool.
Madrona snag and blue sky

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