Crows & King Tide

Today was what is called a King Tide.  That is the annual highest of high tides in Puget Sound.   That was at 7:30am at over 13 feet.  I got to the beach at about 10am and was surprised that it was already where the low tides of late have been.  The tide table said the next low tide was at 1:30 and would be slightly minus in feet.  

What does that have to do with my crow flock?

They were at the beach for the first time in weeks.  They KNEW that the tide was going to be low and there would be great food ready for the picking.  I bet they know more about the tides than we poor humans.

The final count was a group of 18 crows hovering around for their bread handout.   About half way thru the feeding a new group showed up and there was bit of shouting and chasing.  In that new group was my cripple bird (Ellie).   She wasn’t at the trailhead earlier there she was for her bread too.   So, I have always thought that the beach is more of a nuetral territory to several flocks.  Today it was the Seola Beach and Arroyos gang.  A little uptight at first but then they went about their business.

When I left I went around the hairpin corner of 35th & MVD and there was the watcher in the tree top.   Then at the house that feeds them peanuts there was the flock of about 15 members.   I figured they would be at the beach but the lure of peanuts and bread was more than the good grub in the kelp.  Maybe they were holding out for the low tide before they went down to the beach.  Again, they know better than we what the earth is doing today.

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