Crooked Beak Crow

Today at the beach I noticed a crow with a snaggle tooth type beak.   It was very long and had a sharp curved “snake tooth” end.   The bottom appeared to be shorter or even a little off to one side.

The Beach now has several identifiable birds.   Two with white feathers, my cripple bird (Ellie) and now the crooked beak male.

He didn’t seem to be bothered by this.  In fact the other crows respected him & got out of his way.  I suspect the hook at the end didn’t feel very good if you got in his way.   He also came closer to me and was less shy than some of the others.  (of course I have several that are not very afraid of me at all these days.

Here is his picture and Ellie’s.  Notice the difference in the beaks.  His is so much longer.

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