Crow Territories

It’s a windy day with a low tide that was more like a high tide, so I thought a good topic would be Crows playing in the wind.  However, they had another thing to show me…  Where their Territories were and how big their extended families were.

As soon as I hit 110th one of Mocha’s family started begging.    I threw out some bread and most of the family came to scoff up the goodies.  I then walked towards MVD and trailed bread behind.   They followed along onto MVD for about a half  block.  At that point they came to an invisible line they would not cross.   That makes sense because I always see a watcher or pair at 112th.   No-bird land between that imaginary line and the intersection of 112th.

Around the bend on MVD (a few houses before the trailhead) another pair begged for bread.   Fed them and the cripple bird I see at the beach often was there.  (I do believe this bird is the baby crow we raised that we named Ellie).   I even mentioned her name & she looked at me & then took to the tree.

Went to the beach and here is a picture of the pair I found there.

Pair at Ocean View Beach - one brave & one shy


Back on MVD the top group begged again as I walked East.  I trailed bread behind me as I moved towards the corner park at the hairpin turn of 35th & MVD.  At the park the cripple bird was there again, so I was able to be sure it was the same group as up by the trailhead.

Next I fed them in front of the house on 35th that feeds them peanuts.   The grand total that came was 17 including my little cripple.  They followed me to just short of the intersection with 114th.   Another Ahahah moment that they also had an invisible territory line.   This is another area I see watchers in trees just like over at 112th.

So, the conclusion here is they have larger territories with several family groups within.  They work together to protect the area by putting out sentries.  They are also respectful of each others area whether it is due to fear of retribution or honor.   Which do you think it is?   Violent or Nobel behavior?

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